3rd grade Science Fair Projects and ideas


3rd grade Science Fair projects are very fun because at this age children are eager to explore the world around them and find out how things work. They are constantly wanting to know the answer to the question “What happens if I do this …” and it will probably come up with many different experiments they want to try. It can be difficult to decide on just one!

At this age they have a short attention span, however, such projects must be simple, fun and rather short. There are many, many different project ideas for this age group; not all the children in their class have the same size hands and feet the same size as each other? They can research this by tracing the children’s hands and feet on the issue and to compare them with each other.

they could do tests to see whether the waterproof mascara is very waterproof. To do this you would need a pair of brand waterproof mascara, a piece of paper and water. Simply put mascara on the sheet and rinse it under water to see what happens.

Another fun 3rd grade science project was to see if raw eggs and hard boiled eggs spin the same number of times. Obviously they would need help from adults with this one for cooking eggs, and then they simply need to turn each egg and record the results. There are lots of great third grade science project out there; it’s just a matter of finding one that interests them.


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