1st grade Science Fair Projects


A first grade science fair project makes a first grader to learn science in a fun way. Science Fair Projects plant seeds of interest in science, the child. It inflames their imagination and their interest in the world around them. First grade is an ideal time to introduce a child to the amazing world of science and allow the child to explore and satiate his curiosity or her. The child also learns to be methodical and organized the project follows the scientific method and based on scientific concepts and principles that children are able to easily grasp.

While classroom lecture often tend to be one-sided with the teacher gives the maximum amount of resources, project focuses on the creativity and initiative of the child. The child involved in his project one hundred percent. Science Fair Projects also help in enhancing the relationship between parents and children, as the child relates generally to a parent for topic ideas and finally select content.

For a first grade science fair project to succeed, the following tips should be kept in mind.

1.Allow child to choose an experiment if the topic interests of the child. If they will not do it, you will struggle all the time.

2.While teacher or parent can lend a helping hand and guide the child, the child should be allowed to work independently. No adult should always take full control of the project. An adult should just keep an eye open to ensure that there are no accidents or mishaps. Recommendations and guidelines may also give the child should be allowed to make an effort and draw his own conclusions or her about it. Thus a child learns much more.

3.Allow child to have fun while doing the project

4.Allow child to experiment as one project idea can lead to many questions and new ideas.

5.Allow child to be creative and child can have a completely different perspective on the project.

There are thousands of ideas. A few are:

1.To explain the concept of density, put the egg in a bowl of water and see if it floats or sinks. Replace the water with salt water, sugar water, oil and other liquids of different density and record the results.

2.Make simple lever with a pencil and ice cream stick. Balance coins at both ends and explain the law.

3.Test magnetic force of a magnet by covering it with paper, plastic, aluminum foil, etc. Check magnetic force her.

4. Make different designs of airplanes and test fly the best.

5.Find out if white or dark things get heated quickly in the sun.

6.Demonstrate how solar / lunar eclipse occurs.

7.Make compass with the needle and cork.

8.Plant seeds and watch them grow.

9.Explain cycle.

So, first grade science fair project’s scientific experience and will be one that the child will never forget.


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