10 Ways to turn Fatty liver


Fatty liver disease is a mild condition that is thought to affect over 30% of all people in the Western world. It is associated with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, bad breath and other symptoms.

If you have a fatty liver, here are ten steps you can take to cure liver and turn state.

1. Eat more raw vegetables – lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber … half of what you eat (volume) should come from raw vegetables. They are high in fiber and vitamins and for reasons still unknown are linked to healthy liver.

2. Exercise more -. After raw vegetables, exercise is the most important addition to the liver protecting life

3. Avoid milk – milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products cause inflammation. It is almost impossible to stop ongoing inflammation without drugs if you do not stop to take this for a while. Fatty liver disease results from inflammation.

4. Avoid meat – read meat is especially harmful to the liver. This is not a necessary step and by avoiding that I mean do not eat it every day. You do not have to go vegetarian!

5. Avoid coffee, tobacco, and drugs, including pharmacy drugs. The liver has to clear them out of the organism. The less resources it uses in detoxing the more it has available to heal itself.

6. Use artichokes – there are many recipes on the Internet. Artichoke has even reversed case, liver cancer and cirrhosis, so do not overlook this tip.

7. Eat more fruit – akin to raw vegetables, raw fruit has substances that modern science is only now beginning to understand. It is not known yet, they are responsible for the protection of the liver affect almost all fruits (especially bears), so you can not find them elsewhere than in the original.

8. Drink more water. In order to Detox and cure liver go through a series of substrates that require lots of water. Make sure you can see it.

9. The raw meal at least twice a week. Heating food destroys many enzymes that, some of which act directly on the liver to heal it. Learn some raw food recipes and try it twice a week.

10. Use supplements containing milk thistle, turmeric and ginger. These three plants were used in several studies that show effects similar to artichoke. There are several supplements on the market that combine them.


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